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The Hook & Hackle Company encourages support of those "Wounded Warriors" who have suffered physical and/or emotional injury as a result of their service to our great country.

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Rose River Farm, Virginia's finest private water trout fishing experience, has just gotten even better. Now in addition to over a mile of private water managed for Trophy Trout (all strictly on the fly and catch and release) they have added luxury rental cabins. As an introductory special ....

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The Hook & Hackle Company highly endorses this fine bonefish, tarpon & permit fishing destination. Our recent visit there exceeded our expectations many times over.

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David Ruimveld, is one of my favorite "Sporting Art" artists.

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From time to time, we will feature different folks who are making a difference to fly fishing, conservation, outdoor art, helping others & so on. We welcome your suggestions for this column.

Peter C. Thompson, artist, writer, fly fisher & conservationist is our current feature.

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Wilderness North – Ontario Canada's Premier Fly-in Adventure Provider!

Deep in the heart of the Northern Ontario wilderness lies an oasis for outdoor enthusiasts and anglers seeking a definitive Canadian adventure. Accessible only by floatplane, Wilderness North offers a haven for those who want to reconnect with nature.

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Fly Tying Tools

Your source for flyfishing and flycraft resources since 1975.


Getting started in fly tying is relatively easy and inexpensive. One needs a few good tools, hooks, materials and instructions. Below is a description of such a list of starter items without the fat or hype you are apt to find in some catalog descriptions.

Basic Tools
Hackle Pliers

Accessory Tools
Bobbin threader
Whip finisher
Hackle Guards


Basic Instructions

Starting Materials

Basic Tools

Vise To get started the minimum is a decent vise.

The best starters' vise is a lever action vise like our AA vise. Such vises will hold hooks from size 4 to 18 without much difficulty. If one desires to work on the underside of flies often-like streamers, salmon flies and saltwater flies, we recommend a rotary vise. The entry level rotary vise is the Super II. It will hold hooks sizes 4 to 18, sometimes 20. For larger flies we recommend the Challenger vise. It will hold hooks 4/0 to 16.

For more discussion on vises, see Vises.

Hackle Pliers

Hackle pliers hold hackle during tying. The traditional pliers are the Herb Howard pliers. These are available in two sizes- Med for most standard applications and midge for tying the tiny hackle sizes 20 and smaller.

A more modern plier is the non-skid plier. It has a corrugated rubber jaw on one side and a corrugated brass jaw on the other. This plier will work for all applications but the midge hackle and is our favorite type of hackle plier.

Another modern type of hackle plier is the tear shaped hackle plier. By gently squeezing the tear section the jaws open. Then a finger inside the loop to gently spin hackle completes the job.

Bobbin A fly tying bobbin is used to hold thread spools. In days gone by there were at least a dozen varieties. The only survivor is the "spring wire" bobbin. This is the only variety we carry. Our has flared ends to keep the thread from fraying.

Scissors Thin fine tipped scissors are needed to trim thread, trim materials tied on the hook and cut various types of materials for one application or another. Most fly tying scissors are surgical scissors. Materials such as wire, tinsel and other coarse components should not be cut with these delicate instruments. One can purchase a small pair of Fiskars (or the like) for such bulk tasks.

Bodkin The bodkin (or dubbing needle) plats a number of roles. It can be used to put a drop of head cement on a finished fly. It can be used to pluck out dubbing as needed.

Basic took kits may be purchased saving time and money. Fly Tying Vises and Kits

Accessory Tools

Bobbin threader. Used to put thread through the small tube of a bobbin.

Whip finisher. A tool for finishing of fly head with a finish more durable than the usually used half-hitch.

Hackle Guards. These hold hackles back out of the way during fly head finishing.

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Hooks see Hooks

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